Want to have some fun?  Choose 2 items that are the same color and write a story or poem using both of them.  If you need a jump start, read Joe’s story inspired by yellow.

Cheez-It and Goldfish

Once there was a Cheez-It that met a goldfish.  He winked and said, “Hi, good looking.”  She said, “Hi, how’s it going, Handsome?”

 Cheez-It was floating like a square yellow flower on top of the tank.  He wanted to marry Goldfish but he had to sink down to get to her.  He decided to catch a ride in a water bottle submarine.

When Goldfish saw Cheez-It inside the bottle, she was amazed at how strange he looked.  Cheese-It was inside the bottle waving at her.

Then suddenly the water bottle cap exploded off, and he got sucked out into the tank.  Cheez-It got very mushy and soaked through with water.  He started to dissolve into little bits of cheese.  Goldfish cried out, “Oh, no!!!!  My love is gone forever.”  And then she jumped out of the tank and dried to death.

By Joe, 4th grade

by Marcia Chamberlain, Writers in the Schools

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  1. Jenni-Beck

    Somehow I thought this was going to be a comedy, rather than a tragedy… how else did Cheese Goldfish come into existence??? 🙂


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