Former WITS student Christian Spear will continue to compete tonight for her chance to become the next American Idol. Christian wowed the judges in Dallas two weeks ago with her rendition of “All I Can Do is Cry” by Etta James, earning a unanimous vote and a golden ticket to continue on to the Hollywood portion of the competition. We wish her the best of luck as she continues to share her voice with America.

Below is a poem written by Christian as part of her WITS class in 2003.

The Sky and the Clouds

The clouds are so beautiful as they
move across the sky, although they
look as if they are prancing.
The light blue sky turns darker
when day ends.

The clouds in the day time look
as if they are prancing on the
sky, although the sky looks like a
thick blue blanket.

[top photo from; lower photo by reiusu via flickr]

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