It is Christmas
and I am outside playing snowmen,
I mean snow women.
My grandmother, my mother,
my grandfather, my father, and I are all
outside lighting firecrackers.

The sound is loud as gunshots.
It hurts my eardrums but
the fireworks are colorful.
They look like flowers in
the night sky. It is real
cold outside. I am wearing
a pink, fluffy coat. The firecrackers
are flying up in the sky. My God-
brother and I are eating some of the
snowflakes as they fall. I smell fire
from the firecrackers, a sparkler in my hand
feels funny. I am throwing snowballs
at my family and they are throwing them
back to me. I let them hit me.
They’re cold.

Inside we have a contest to see
who can open their presents first. We drink
eggnog and we eat Santa cookies
and Rudolph cookies. We eat Popeye’s
chicken thighs, red beans and rice, and for dessert
we have Popeye’s apple pie. It’s still warm
in my mouth when we play
hide and seek in the backyard.

Whoever gets hit with a snowball is it.
I go across the street to get my best friend
and we play until my grandmother
comes to get me to go to my
great-grandmother’s house.
I like Christmas.

By Xythia, 10 years old

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