I am the cloud that starts my brainstorms,

The smallest dew drop from the forest of grass,

A body of fingers,

A pickle in a glass jar,

A guard for King Tut’s tomb so no one can get past.

I am a battery of life,

The drum of my body,

A furry mountain on planet Pluto, always furry,

The wild individuality that sets me apart, like the rushing sea during a thunderstorm,

A lost soul upon my life,

A raspberry in a berry patch.

My back is the pathway for the flow of self-knowledge downstream to the sea of destiny.

I am an eggshell becoming stronger and stronger,

A thick rope pulling my body parts together,

A ticking bomb vibrating with life, about to explode.

My freckles are the stars that come out during the summer instead of night that twinkle and brighten up my face.

I am a roller coaster in a junkyard of old things from the 1968 city fair.

I am a college of smart people,

As flat as a deflated balloon left on a table after a party,

A candy cane, curved and straight.

I am just the beginning of my eternity.

– by the 6th Grade Class at the Summer Creative Writing Workshops

[collage by poet John Ashbery]

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