Dear Alejandra, careful,

there will be bullies at school

and the cool friends will

help you in tough situations.

It’s easy to learn the alphabet

and your numbers –

you’ll get it from me!

Teachers should be your best friends.

You will have dreams about being the ruler of animals.

When you come home, you’d better begin homework!

Get good sleep and eat healthy.

Wait! Who am I kidding?

Act like you’re asleep,

and sneak into the living room and watch T.V.

But still, get some sleep.

Have a high imagination

but not in class,

only if you want to get in trouble.

And on your birthday,

expect cool clothes from friends.

Expect embarrassing things, too,

like socks and underwear.

Just forget about the mean people.

Prove to them you are way cooler

and awesome!

By Morgan, 3rd grade

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