I am seed
I am small, but powerful
I am born of fire & water
of desert & ocean
of la tierra de los Aztecas y la jungla de Veraguas
Of parents with humble beginnings to give me
a beginning better than theirs
I am a tree trunk foundation
My foundation is divine, residing in God’s hands in heaven
and built on my mother’s passion & my father’s song
Music runs through my veins.
My crown is full of thoughts, hopes, & dreams
It has the memories of all the family I’ve had
Full of songs to be sung & dreams to be made
Full of light that reaches out to the universe
I am a majestic tree
My roots are Adonis, Flor, my grandparents, my aunts & uncles
They are as deep as the ocean, as high as the mountains
I am deeply rooted in my faith, my culture, mi gente, & my music
Nothing can uproot me

By Angela, 12th grade

Click the media player above to listen to the poem read on KPFT 90.1 by Jackson, WITS Youth Advisory Council Student. The background music is “Origins” by Ketsa freemusicarchives.orgProduced by Susan Phillips.

Poem a Day is made possible in part by H-E-B Tournament of Champions, Copy.com, The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance, Texas Commission on the Arts, and KPFT 90.1.


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