Having a pet is fun! I like to watch fish every day. I went to Target and bought a fish in a small tank. I called my pet fish “Doodle.” He was beautiful. Doodle was blue like the ocean. He was green like the grass. He was yellow like the sun. He was my very own rainbow fish.

Every day I took care of Doodle. I cleaned his water and gave him food every other day. He would swim around his tank fast and jump high as he could to catch his food. I loved to watch him eat. He snapped the food up as fast as it dropped. He grew bigger each month.

I played with Doodle. Sometimes I tapped on his fish tank to get his attention. He would swim from left to right to follow the sound he heard. I would stare into his tank to see if he noticed me. I even talked and sang to him sometimes. I took Doodle on a vacation trip to Dallas in our car. I was happy he was with me. I could still see him everyday. This made me very happy. My family loved Doodle too. They made sure I fed him. We wrote the days he had to eat on our family calendar. I loved Doodle very much. He is now in “fish heaven.” I really had fun with my pet fish.

by Jordan, 4th Grade

(photo by Arutha via

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  1. easywriter

    Hi Jordan, you and Doodles sure were lucky to have each other as friends. I really like the way you write about him, if I close my eyes I can see him just the way you described him, swimming and jumping. You wrote about Doodles very well.


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