memories-come-back-by-hope0400-via-flickr.jpgEl libro es como una flor,
libro hermoso.
Mínimo bosque. Huele
tu papel a elemento.
Te miras como una estrella.
De a dónde vienes?
Del mar frío y
salado. Bonito como

una mariposa, brillante
como el sol. Suave
como un conejo. Reflejado
en el agua. Eres
mi amistad. Huele
tu cuento a árbol. Tienes
páginas como una nube.
Algunas veceseres verde como
el monte. Tienes animales dentro de tí.
El libro es fabuloso.

The Book (Translation)

The book is like a flower,
beautiful book.
Small forest.
Your paper smells
like the elements.
Where do you come from?
From the cold and salty
sea. Beautiful like a

butterfly, shiny like the sun,
soft like a rabbit.
Reflected on water.
You are my friendship.
Your story smells like a tree.
You have pages like clouds.
you are green like the grass.
You have animals inside you.
My book is fabulous.

by Giselle, 3rd Grade

[photo by hope0040 via flickr]

6 Responses to “El Libro [The Book]”

  1. paisley

    thats it… i give up… i fight with a piece for 5 hours before i am ready to post it,, and here a third grader just pops off something this wonderful… more than likely in no time at all!!!!!!

  2. Linda Jacobs

    Each metaphor and simile is so fresh and alive! Your writing teacher must be excellent to get such wonderful poems out of her students!


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