WITS writer Miah Arnold began the launch of her first published novel with a book signing at Brazos Bookstore on July 19, almost selling out of the pre-ordered books on hand. Arnold has been on a national book reading/signing tour since.

Arnold is a fiction writer from rural Utah educated at Carleton College, The New School for Social Research, and the University of Houston where she earned a PhD in creative writing and literature. Her stories appear in a number of literary magazines, including Confrontation, Painted Bride Quarterly, and the South Dakota Review. She won a Barthelme Award for nonfiction in 2006 and the Inprint/Diana P. Hobby Award for her fiction at the University of Houston in 2008.

In Sweet Land of Bigamy, the main character, Helen, falls in love with and marries a poet from India, while her first husband is away in Iraq. “The Sweet Land of Bigamy is a funny and surprisingly touching exploration of what marriage can be.” Visit Miah’s web site for more reviews, information about her book tour, and to read her latest blog posts.

Upcoming Readings: 

Aug. 4 Reading at Auntie’s Books in Spokane, Washington
Aug. 6 Reading at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington
Aug. 7 Reading at Broadway Books in Portland, Oregon

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