Author Cynthea Liu has organized the Dare to be You Essay Contest for US and Canadian residents.  Entries will be until 03/31/2010. Here’s more information about the Take the Dare Essay Contest:

The competition is open to all students (including homeschoolers) in the United States and Canada. Students must be in grades 3-7 or the equivalent according to their school system. Students will compete within their grade level only.

To read the complete guideline, click here.  All entries must be postmarked by March 31st, 2010.

4 Responses to “Essay Writing Contest for Kids: Do You Dare?”

  1. jeannine perez

    I am a retired teacher, volunteering in art and English in a small Baja town….Loreto, BCS. We do nature activities, art, and write. Your contests are limited to US and Canada…is that right?

    Some of my children here are very concerned about whales, and other sea life (we are on the Sea of Cortez. I would like them to have a voice in some publication.

    Jeannine Perez

    • Robin Reagler

      We don’t organize this contest, so if you have questions you can click on the link and ask the people who run it. There’s a contest that is specifically about whales with a deadline at the end of the year. We’ll post that one for you in a few days. We try to share information about contests and publishing opportunities for kids on a regular basis, under the “contests” category. Thanks for checking in!


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