The birds settle down, the crickets start their
chorus, and outside, the bats rocket around. My mom
and I sit outside by the pool relaxing and getting
lost in the pleasant aroma of her cigarette. She
doesn’t notice if I steal a guzzle of her diet coke.
I sit there looking at the deep blue sky splotched
with pink leftovers of the sunset. I hear the roar of
a muscle car far off. The leaves glint in the
moonlight. Everything grows faint.

by Jonathan, 4th Grade

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  1. poetpete

    I have been here a couple of times, and I’m always quite impressed. Not sure if you have heard or have any interest, but there is a poetry contest that has a top prize of $10,000 and other prizes. Just click my name for the site. What would the kids do with that money?


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