My hand is so complicated,
and my mind is a mystery.

Come with me to see every part of the thing
that I call a hand.

Explore every dip, dive, and loop.
The lines will tell you about me,
and, if you can see, I am extraordinary.

Take my faith line, for example.
If you know about lines,
you might know I am loco,
and the best job suited for me is mad chemistry.

Next in line is my lifeline
which tells you about my sudden lifestyle change
among many others.

Strong, like an ox, which I would say
my mentality is.

My heart line:
can I erase it?
Maybe, but why?
It tells you so much, like
are you heavy-hearted, light-hearted, or a black hole,
floating in your own sorrow,
like a train at the end of a rail
or the final beat of a heart?

I am moving on.

By DeAndrea, 12

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