grapes-by-flauto.jpgWhat is more inspiring than food? Nothing!

I enjoy bringing grapes, carrots, and strawberries into the classroom. I use food as a way to encourage students to make observations. The students make observations of the food’s outside: its colors, textures, and shapes. Students must brainstorm a list of ten words or phrases before they are allowed to eat their food. As they eat their food, they are also brainstorming descriptive words about its taste.

I conclude the brainstorming session by having each student share one idea from their list, which I record on the board. Then I ask all the students to write down three more ideas from the board onto their individual lists.

Next we read some poems about food, and we discuss what descriptive words are used. Students are then given time to write their own poems.

The Perfect Grape

When I touch it,
It is cold and wet,
But soft as a baby’s foot.

When I pick it up,
It dangles like a dangling green leaf on a tree.

I look at it.
It is the color of lilac.

It is sour, juicy and delicious.

It’s chilly like the Antarctic.

It’s green like a
Green lime and reminds
Me of the perfect green grass.

By Clinton, 3rd Grade

A fun way to publish the poems is to have students write their revisions on paper plates.

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