A Poem Inspired by Ryler Dustin’s “Allie”

Big brother,

you’re missed.

Missed like when you missed

the bus on the first day of school, and mom

had to drive you there.

Missed like when you made me go

away from your room when you had

your friend come over.

You’re missed when you’re mad

and start to yell because I got you

in trouble.  Missed like when you put

my dolls down the toilet.  Missed

when you went on a school trip,

and had to go to the hospital

because you broke your arm.

And now you are missed since

you are serving our country

as a Navy soldier.

But you won’t be missed

when you come back home to tell me

your new stories and adventures.

Big brother,

you’re missed.

You always have been.

By Fallon, 6th grade

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    • Demetra Jones


      Thank you for the hard work you have done with our daughter, Fallon. This work is evident of how successful WIT truly is. Thank you for sharing this poem with others. We are proud of both Franklin & Fallon Jones.

      Demetra Jones

  1. Demetra Jones


    We are so proud of your hard work and your dedication to making your 6th grade year the best. You have achieved a great deal to only be 12 years old. You are remarkable, pumpkin!! Never stop believing.

  2. Debra Wise

    Hey Fallon good, no great work. You make your family so proud. Can’t leave out Franklin, being the best big brother. Then your teacher(s) who make it so worth it all and giving the meaning of teacher such a great outlook. Fallon, you have the best parents that love you unconditionally and also your family me especially. You don’t know just how much I really love and adore you unconditionally too.
    Debra Wise

  3. Mardine Johnson

    Fallon, I’m so proud of you, your parents, your brother. Don’t ever settle for less, YOU know that you can do anything if you want it and try for it. Your family is so proud of you too. God has blessed you with so much, all you have to do is use it. Love you.
    Your Aunt
    Mardine Johnson


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