At the zoo

I saw a


He was as

tall as a


I wanted

to slide

down his


by Lucas, age 3



Click the link above to listen to the poem read on KPFT radio by Malik Walker, an 8th grader at Johnston Middle School For the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston. The background music is “I Just Can’t Wait (To Go To The Zoo)” by Anna Lee. Produced by Susan Phillips.

This poem is featured as part of the 2014 Poem A Day campaign, a National Poetry Month celebration by Writers in the Schools (WITS) that features a different poem by a WITS student every day during April. Click here to learn more.


Original post published: August 12, 2013

5 Responses to “Giraffe”

  1. janet m matthews

    When I heard Malik read Lucas’ poem I felt as tall as a giraffe! Then Anna’s music helped me feel lighthearted and brave enough to imagine sliding down that tall giraffe’s neck. Who needs an elevator in a building to get down? Not me, I have a giraffe’s neck for that.


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