I went to the one place with green
the only place where no one is mean
and that was the luxurious park.
I went with my ecstatic doggyzilla,
my radical eyes and ears.
I brought an extra mouth
and my catching hands.
When I got there, I offered my doggyzilla
to the old rotten tree.

The tree took the deal —
I gave him little doggyzilla
so I could get an extra acorn.
I put my pair of eyes on it
and watched them blink.
The acorn broke open
and something gooey and green
leaked out. It’s so gooey
that it’s slurpable.
The rest of my things
started to morph. The park
changed into an exuberant funk house.
The tree turned into a sunshine hippy.

By Karina, 7th grade

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