Nature all around

Birds chirping, flowers growing

Colors singing songs

by Jiho


Blazing hot weather

Sun rays flashing down on us

Summer is now here

by Hadi


In Autumn leaves fall,

And you breathe the cool crisp air

Then, our school begins

by Alexandria


Winter, a cold beast

Yet, gentle as a rabbit

Blanketing the ground

by Jiho



One Response to “Haiku for Four Seasons”

  1. Susan K

    Spring is full of life;
    Budding, magnificent plants.
    We learn from that life

    Summer’s full of time;
    Heat doesn’t inhibit us.
    We grow in summer

    Fall is beautiful;
    Leaves colored and falling down.
    We change with the leaves

    Winter’s calm and cool;
    Sleeping mammals underground.
    We rest, yet still work

    Seasons help us love;
    They guide us through our trials.
    We discover hope


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