Hope is like a perfect day to have a picnic. sunburst.jpg

Hope is like an ice cream sundae.
Hope is like a milk chocolate bear that
melts in your mouth.
Hope is like having a good secret waiting to burst.
Hope can be a good thing gone bad.
Hope can be something bad turned good.
Hope is like when something bad goes
wrong and out of something bad,
something great comes, like a bright light coming out of gray and misery.
Hope, to me, is something I hold on to patiently for the day that my hope comes true.
My hope keeps me going on days when I want to lay down and die.
My hope keeps me going.
It’s like a passage,
a choice.
Do I want to give up or go on?
Without hope, I would have given up already.
Hope keeps me sane.
Without hope, it would be tragic and miserable.

by Amber, age 18, Renal Division of Texas Children’s Hospital.
(graphic art by Shawn Lewis, via flickr)

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