These poems were written by fourth graders at Pugh Elementary School in Houston.

Dear Mr. President
I would like you to
Know to help the homeless.
Give rich to the poor.
Then never start drama
At school.
Stay strong, love the people
All around you at all
Make this a new world.
“Yes you can!”

Dear Mr. President
Stop the drugs.
Give food to the hungry.
Do you like being
This country is protected.
Thank you.

WITS students across Houston wrote poems to President Obama on the occasion of his inauguration, January 2009.

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  1. mishael

    hi obama i am 11 years old and vever ever in my lifetime that i thought there would ba a black president u inspire me so much and now i no that i can od anything that i set my mind to so im just takin time out to say thank u so much and give food to the hungry and try to give a home to the home less cause i no if i were home less i would be begging and every time i see a homeless person on the street i cant stand it i have to give them at least 2 dollars and my mom and dad and brother to so i just want u to no that there are some good people in this worl soo thank u and god bless AMERICA OF THE UNITED STATES


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