Sometimes you just have to change
the things of the real world
into another story. Sometimes
you have to walk back and forth
then all of a sudden you hear
the ants talking to you.
When you look at the sky
the birds ask, “How are you today?”
Since no one is the ruler
of the world, start drawing yourself
holding the earth. Draw
yourself at the top of the earth.
and seeing other planets. Look
at the mirror and see
your reflection: you will go
through the mirror
and you will be at a throne.
You will have a long beautiful red cape.
All the animals are together,
and there are stars inside.

by Amy, 6th grade


digital collage by Robin Madden

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  1. whypaisley

    oh robin,, that was so lovely.. the mind and eye of a child.. to hold it in your hands just once more,,, just for a day…..


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