I used to have a simple toddler life, but now I am in 5th grade. I used to never have tests, but now I have at least 3 a week. As a toddler I could laugh and talk and dream forever, but now I only can think about school, what my friends are doing, and some assignment that’s due tomorrow. No more learning colors and watching cartoons, but a long life of school. No more magic milk and tooth fairy. No more playing princess. No more PB&J, no more 24/7 attention, and no more playgrounds. No more flying on the swing feeling untouchable and that nothing could go wrong. Now my daddy says I’m too big for piggy back rides and too old for crying. I am still like a little kid on the inside, making my way through the world. I still have fun, but, unlike toddlers, I have to focus. I know left and right, and how to multiply and divide, but I am still young, and I live a good life.

By Linleigh, 5th grade
[photo by tlrey via flickr]

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  1. Susan Gottlieb

    Hi Linleigh,
    I like your poem very much. It helped me to always keep in mind that no matter what age you are there are responsibilities that we have to attend to. This is what helps each one of us have control in our life. Building on all the levels of learning is power. When I was a toddler I learned toddlers things so I could move to my next level.
    What I got from your poem is that everything I do from birth to death is an important contribution to the world.
    Thank You for your poetry. I hope you continue with your writing, As you can see it affects others. What a difference words can make.


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