I am a shoelace.
Sometimes I feel brave, stiff, and as strong as the aglet.
And sometimes I feel like I’m hidden deep in the knot.
Sometimes I feel so good that I’m free and flexible like the middle flopping around.
Sometimes I feel dirty, like the longest part of a shoelace stuck to gum on the bottom of the shoe.
Most of the time I feel clean, like I’m still in the package or on new, shiny shoes.

By Hannah, 4th grade
Photo by fungalhorde via Flickr

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  1. stephanie

    My daughter really wants to write her own book she showed me this website and said “mommy can I use this?” And i really want to help fullfill that dream.But she had onlu one question “what websites do you know that will help me write and publish my books im writing?”

    • jrwatson5

      Hi Stephanie,
      Here a two websites that may help:
      Tiaktok – an online platform that allows children and parents to create, illustrate, and publish their own books,
      Stone Soup – a great resource for publishing kids stories and poems online, and they may also direct you to resources for publishing kid’s books.

      WITS posts publishing opportunities on the blog from time to time, so stay tuned. Thanks for your interest.


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