I am like a flower that grows into what it becomes and moves on. I like to play, run, and all kinds of things. I am like Benjamin Franklin fulfilling his dream and doing what I want to do and being what I want to be. I am not an empty blank page that no one cares about. I am not like a pen that is forced into being. I am a woman and I am saved. I am not a crayon that gets put in a box. I am like a bird being free in the air. I’m like a caterpillar that flies into a beautiful creature. I am a spirit that goes through the world.

by Bryanna, 5th grade, Nehemiah Center

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  1. rachel wong

    could you please make it look more like a poem instead of a paragraph because i need to copy it for my project.

  2. april

    wOw its a beautiful pOem i like it, but i want it in a form of poem not in paragraph but its ok its nice…..

  3. rjames

    This is so much like me. I am loved by everyone and I want to full fill my dreams. It’s just me. I love this poem! 🙂


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