I am dark redmihv-somalis-in-minnesota.jpg
blood coming
from my family
and country.

I am a sad girl
who was only a
baby when she
saw a war.

I am a sad girl
from where gangsters
came at night
and stole what-
ever they wanted.

I am a girl
who hasn’t
seen her country
But I am also
a mother who
tells her daughter
about her country.

I am a place
where people
like to eat meat, and
I am a country
where some
people sell
fruits in the street.

I am a girl
with mysteries
behind a door that
I don’t
know about.

I am as
big as I can
be and

I am a mango-
eating machine.

I am Somalian as
Somalian I am.

by Fatima, 6th Grade

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  1. whypaisley

    every time i read one of these poems… i forget that it was written by a child,, and i am speechless when i read the credit at the end… this was amazing….

  2. keirsten

    our class is studying Somalia and it is veryyy heart breaking to read what happened to these poor kids

    • Robin Reagler

      Hi Keirsten, The people of Somalia have certainly suffered, but when this young woman read her poem at the annual WITS reading, she wore a brilliant turquoise gown, native to her country, and you could see how proud and strong she was–and no doubt–still is. Thanks so much for reading A Poem a Day. Robin

  3. umulkhayr Hassan

    Tears fall from my eyes as i write this. i may only be a 15 year-old but i feel the pain of my people,of my country and of the reality that i may not ever see the Somalia i once loved ever again. Even if i don’t ever physically see it, i will see it in my dreams and live it through that i will tell my children and anyone else who is willing to listen.

    Fatima, you are Somalian
    as am I

  4. Amina

    Amazingly written! Its very inspiring to see someone as young as a 6th grader embracing and remenicing as the writer of this piecem. May our country reunite onew day and may we live happily amongst eachother…Amiin ya Allah!

  5. jama

    beauitfull please keep doing this and you would chang a lot people and bring memories that many people share with you . thanks and grow up and beocme the peace of this world and somalia.

    god bless you.

  6. ramla

    i am speechless for a 6th year old girl to feel this way is heartbreaking am somalian and i never felt the way she felt today my people are truely suffering but peace shall come to my country one day. Somali is a beautiful country with beautiful people and beautiful culture but a war has tear families and loved once apart but somali well stand tall and be something in the future i <3 somali

  7. A inspired poet, year 6

    I am………..

    I am the poor girl that nobody cared for,
    In a rich world full of energy,
    I’m the only one that worth nothing,
    I may be nothing but my life is worth something.

    I am the rich boy that every one smiles to,
    When I see the poor girl my heart aches,
    I step into her shoes and see her suffering,
    Oh why is this happening to her?

    I am the bodyguard that takes care of the rich boy,
    Why does the poor girl come to this place,
    We are buzzing,
    She is not.

    I am the poor girl’s spirit,
    I know she is worth a thousand desert flowers,
    She is a Oubah (flower),
    And a mighty poet.

    I am beauty,
    I can see the poor girl’s elegance,
    I can see her burning ambition,
    While drowning in tears.

    I am the poor girl that nobody cared for,
    I may be poor,
    I may be lonely,
    But I am worth more than your money.


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