I hate writing because of the things it makes me do. Writing is a leech that strains the interesting, fun, and creative parts of my day onto a lined 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. It propels me to frustration when I can’t describe an event or idea. It’s a parasite draining inspiration from me. It keeps me up at night armed with a thesaurus and a flashlight trying to find words to complete my thought. It causes the bags under my eyes and cramps in my hands.

But, writing is my love; it feeds the urge in my soul to communicate what I experienced in my life. It satisfies the cravings of saying what I can’t say out loud. It pacifies my anger when I lose something I just had. It ends the cravings to kill my brother after he “accidentally” used my markers and left the tops off. Writing is two faced. It’s an angel and a devil. Its black and white with no shades of gray. The urge to write is a blessing and a curse. I would say don’t write if you don’t have to. If you must write, here is a final warning. Writing is a blessing used to share your innermost feelings, ideas, and thoughts. Writing is a curse used to share you innermost feelings, ideas, and thoughts

By Imani, 10th grade

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  1. Hira

    it was awesomely put!!!very nice job 🙂 I liked that line :it ends the craving to kill my brother..:D


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