I love to paint and draw. I feel that I can express myself. If I’m full of energy, I can draw a beautiful ruby ring or I can draw myself as a famous person. If I’m happy, I can draw a beautiful flower. When I draw something, I pretend that it is alive. The more I draw, the more I can feel that everything is made from some kind of emotion. Once I start, I have to finish. Every day I try to draw something new. One day I might draw ducks; the next day I might draw puppies. If it doesn’t come out right, I can do it again. I love to give someone my art to make them happy. When I grow up, I hope to be an artist. I love it so much that I could just draw all day. I even sign some of my work. If I come home and I’m very tired, I usually go to my room and draw, draw, and draw!ish-cover-by-peter-reynolds.jpg

by Eloisa, 4th Grade

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