Imagine there was another world.

Imagine the world you want to go.

Imagine things that are so strange, if they lived on earth we wouldn’t know.

Imagine the pixy’s tinkle as she tries to get around.

Imagine she is troubled by your mother’s kitty and your father’s hound.

Imagine a Sasquatch making thunder.

Imagine he touches the clouds, then down falls rain all over you.

Imagine how soaked you are now.

Imagine a salty smelling pirate, chewing on something sweet.

Imagine he yells, “Land Ho!”

Imagine his bird snapping her beak.

Imagine a dove coming from a hat,

Imagine a land filled with wonder

Imagine this world and soon you may know exactly how imagination grows

Imagine you imagining everything I said,

Imagine this was in your sleep,

Imagine sleeping in your bed.


By De’Anna

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