Once, a man never
let his feelings out.
He remembered everything.

One day, he became an explosion.
He threw pink and gray
and all the other colors,
and for the rest of his
life, he was playful.

By Chloe, 4th grade

[photo by bugsandfishes by lupin via flickr]

14 Responses to “It’s In You”

  1. Samanta

    A special thank for the lovely lady kawtar krifi , for accepting encouraging needy children to study and to learn, she is really a kind girl who has a goldy heart ; with people like her this world can be a better place to live for us all

  2. karen crone

    Thank you for teaching me a lesson in how to be a poet.
    Your Fan,

  3. pieceofpie

    as a child’s heart… that we would all let everything out in an explosion of colors w/o holding back… too long we become gray and colorless… p.s. i love felt!!!

  4. Mom and Dad


    Keep loving life as much as you do and always write with your heart. We love you.

    Mom and Dad

    PS Thank you WITS for a wonderful summer camp!

  5. Brad

    Brilliant! It feels like it could be the introduction to my autobiography, and the image that you chose to go with it is perfect.
    Please give my appreciation to Chloe. Thank you.


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