Swoosh! I was running like the wind with my arms spread out like a bird when I suddenly went splat! My wrist hit a red hot iron. I burned myself and screamed so loudly that the sky cracked. One tear dropped from my eye and onto my wrist. It was so painful that zillions of more tears began to drop. Drip, drip, drop! I took one look at my wrist and exploded. It was as red as an angel’s jacket. I screamed for my mom. She came to me and said, “Calm down.” I yelled, “I can’t calm down! I just got burned by an iron!” Then, I screamed at that iron, “It’s YOUR fault!” Afterwards I cried for 15 minutes until I slowly began to feel a little better. I’ve gotten burned before, but this was definitely the worst one ever! I am glad I survived.

By Alexa, 2nd grade

One Response to “It’s YOUR Fault”

  1. Ms. Gonzales

    You showed such great emotion Alexa! I am so proud of you! Love, Ms. Gonzales


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