People do judge books by their covers, and in this creative writing lesson, students were asked to do just that! I removed book jackets from several books and covered up the synopsis. Students examined the pictures closely and thought about the meaning of the title. The class discussed possible characters, plot lines, and settings that could be inspired by the various covers. Then students wrote “the missing story” to go with the book cover of their choice.

A Disguise

Long, long ago, a girl named Emily lived at the beach in a beach house. She lived with her mom and dad. One sunny afternoon, her dad said, “Emily, you get bullied a lot. You should wear a disguise.” Emily was so happy, she didn’t finish the rest of her dinner. She went upstairs to make a disguise to put on. After that, she went to school. Everyone stared at her and said, “Who is she?” Emily thought she would make a friend. Then a kid named Kelly got bullied. Emily just walked over to the kid and said, “Why don’t you wear a disguise?” Then another kid named Briana with long black hair as black as night didn’t get bullied because of Emily. Emily helped many, many kids.

by Briana, 2nd Grade

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