Coach calls a time out.
As we the team run to coach,
the blur in my eyes,
barely could hearing what he’s trying to say,
trying desperately to see the words
come out of his mouth,
too embarrassed to say,
“Coach, get me off the field.
I’m not making a difference.”
So then they call us all into huddle,
“Blue 42 going to Dan.
put those boys asleep and
go out for Sunday dinner.
One more thing, block.”
The quarterback says,
“Hut one, hut two, hut three.”
I run off thinking if I don’t catch the ball, it’s
going to be three things: me
coach and hell.
I thought that again
And again and again…then
I spin my head to the
side and see a brown leathery
diamond-shaped ball sail sweetly
into my hands.
And everyone knows what
happens next.
a stop, turn, another turn,
the other way, jump, scream,
and dance into the end zone.
And now that mad-wanna-be-grin
On coach’s face was a smile.

by Dan, 8th grade

Original post: August 24, 2007

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