Writing is probably the cheapest and easiest art form around.  The required tools are quite ordinary. Really all you need to get started is paper, pen or pencil, and a few good ideas.  “Just Write It” is a series written for kids.  It’s to help you start writing and keep at it–in other words, how to make writing a habit.

You might want to make or find a special notebook to serve as your journal.  Some kids have a favorite pencil that they tuck inside the pages to mark where they will begin writing next time.  You might want to find a good place to keep your journal, just for safe-keeping.

h/w = Find or make your own journal.  Add drawings, words, or pictures to make it feel truly YOURS.

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  1. andres

    yeah, that’s right , it has to be made an habit. I also have read that free writing exercises would help to make it an habit. it consists on simply getting to write no matter what, let your pen just go over the paper en tap idea after idea without caring much about style or other things just writing for the sake of writing


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