Sometimes the blank page can be a little intimidating. Here are a few sites that can help young writers get started in fiction writing.

1) The Story Starters application on the Scholastic site is for students in graders K-6. It looks like a funky machine with flashing lights and lurching mechanical sounds.  It makes writing similar to a mad scientist’s experiment.

2) Story Starter Jr. provides a first line for a story, and then you take it from there. Examples include:

The doctor was crying in the secret room.


The boy was painting in the elevator.

There are 729 sentences in the program, however the sentences are not especially diverse.

3) My Story Maker is an application on the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh site and it is the most whimsical of the three. The story is created by answering a series of questions. Typically there are 6 choices for each question. The result is an illustrated story with background music and sound effects.

If you have a favorite website for fiction writing, please share the link in the comment section.

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