As a follow up to the lesson about our hands, we wrote about our feet, hair, eyes, heart, and ears. In groups, students brainstormed and wrote down facts about the body parts. Then we reviewed how to format letters. In this assignment, students were to take the perspective of their body part and write a letter to them. What would your eyes want to say to you? What do your ears enjoy doing? One student’s feet were sad to have stopped playing soccer, but glad they got a rest. One pair of eyes reminded their owner to wear glasses. And one boy’s hair asked to be put into mohawks more often.

Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts

Dear Jackson,

I am Heart. I get really tired when you work out. Can you try to do something else, like watch T.V. or draw? Try not to eat so much candy. It is bad for me. I like it when you drink water. I like to pump blood. But I hate cholesterol. Some people think I am shaped like a valentine heart, but they are wrong. If you think my job is easy, you are wrong. I like it when you do more peaceful things.



P.S. Watch more T.V.

Picture and letter by Jackson, 2nd Grade

posted by Amy Lin, Writers in the Schools

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  1. Tria

    What fun, Amy! I’ve used the song “Baby Doll” by Laurie Anderson (on the album “Strange Angels”) for a similar lesson… you might enjoy it!


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