Hawks do not scare me when they swing their big black wings.
Bees do not scare me when they sting.
Robbers do not scare me when they sneak behind me,
And big dogs do not scare me even when they bite.
Ghosts do not scare me when gliding behind me.
Diseases do not scare me, even when I get one.
Strangers do not scare me
Hornets do not scare me
Dying does not scare me….
Life is not scary at all.

by Grant, 2nd Grade
Beth Yeshurun Day School
literary prompt = Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou and Jean-Michel Basquiat

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  1. ...deb

    I love what your kids do and am so glad you point them out here.

    I have that book. It is fabulous. Maya would dig this poem.


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