This week my first graders practiced writing questions to animals. During circle time, we talked about how all questions end with the question mark. I also told the students that the words “Who, What, When, Where, Why, How,” are some words that help writers begin questions.

As a group, we practiced writing questions to an eagle–I brought in a stuffed animal of an eagle for the students to look at. During individual writing time, each student got a finger puppet to help inspire his questions.

Questions for Octopus

Why do you have 8 legs?
When do you sleep?
How can you swim in the water?
What do you eat? Tell me.
Do you talk in the water?
Where do you learn to swim and live?
How can you be big?
Do you go in land?

By Bruce, 1st Gradeamy lin

Answers to last week’s riddles:

A clock, an oyster. Congrats to this reader who got the correct answers.

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