Writing is often linked with Reading, but Writing and Math? Now that seems like a stretch!

But with persistence, I have found three books that prove once and for all that math and writing don’t need to be taught separately. In fact, they are all the more enjoyable when combined!

Marvelous Math: A Book of Poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Author), Karen Barbour (Illustrator)

Marvelous Math offers a collection of poetry that celebrates the many ways in which math helps us. Math helps us build a house, be on time, and count money.

Math Talk by Theoni Pappas

Math Talk features poems that require two students to perform together, so they’re double the fun to read. Topics include radicals, variables, imaginary numbers, and tessellations.

Mathematickles! by Betsy Franco (Author), Steven Salerno (Illustrator)

This book blends equations with words and entertains readers with these whimsical expressions:

raindrops x leaves = pearls on green plates

crisp air shadows tall + cat’s thick coat = signs of fall

Franco’s mathematical poems relate to the seasons and feature all of the operations in addition to fractions, geometry, and graphs.

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