Merna Hecht, an amazing educator, poet, essayist, and storyteller, will visit WITS Houston this weekend for the annual Writer Orientation. Merna has thought deeply about the important role of stories and storytelling:

Stories are like mirrors in which we see ourselves reflected. When we keep the wisdom of stories
with us, we find the courage to explore our deepest complexities and ambiguities. I believe that
engagement in literary art forms that includes multicultural stories and poetry from diverse global voices can contribute to teaching us how to live in closer community with others. I think arts education can and must support students in learning to embrace and respect viewpoints that differ from their own. I believe every student deserves an active engagement with creative process and explorations of their own imaginative, creative and participatory capacities.

Merna has won numerous awards, including a 2008 Jack Straw Writers award, a National Storytelling Community Service Award, and a National Storytelling Network Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling. Her participation in the Writers in the Schools orientation will take place August 24 and 25, 2012.

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