Florence is a wife, mother, retired teacher, and writer. A graduate of Fresno State College, with a BA in Social Science, she later received Texas Lifetime Certification in Elementary Education (EC-8), Early Childhood Education, and English as a Second Language (ESL). Reading Recovery trained through the University of Houston at Clear Lake, most of Florence’s teaching experience has been with the young struggling reader and writer.

Florence on her work, and working with Writers in the Schools:

The need to make individualized books for the child with a limited repertoire, turned into a collection and became Easy-to-Make Books That Target Specific Reading Needs (PK-K-1), published by Scholastic in 2009, to support the early behaviors of reading.

I hope to meet the following objectives as a WITS Writer:

– to weave a thematic thread throughout the framework of each lesson, a thread connecting reading, writing, and the fine arts to content areas of study, an integrated approach that will be meaningful for all children

– to focus on the individual needs of the learner by teaching within what Vygotsky calls the Zone of Proximal Development, the child’s instructional level, learning what each child knows through close observations, analysis of assessments, one-on-one conversations, and personal reflections

– Donald Graves has said, “The teaching of writing demands the control of two crafts, teaching and writing. They can neither be avoided nor separated.”  I hope to share that deep understanding with the students I teach.

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