Sarah Jerasa comes to Houston from Bloomington, Indiana where she had been teaching at The Project School, a project based arts infused charter school. She received her BA and MAT from the University of Virginia and has been teaching writer’s workshop for over 6 years.

What Sarah hopes to accomplish as a WITS writer:

I love to learn side by side with young writers by writing daily and sharing books and experiences. As a WITS writer I look forward to finding authentic writing experiences for students to be keen observers of the world around them I want to help make an impact for students of all backgrounds and spark a passion for writing in each student I work with.

What inspired Sarah as a kid:

I wasn’t always a big fan of books or reading growing up. I had the toughest time finding stories that were compelling or interesting to read. As a young writer, I had similar challenges of finding inspiring topics to write about. But the first time I read E.L. Konigsburg’s “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler“, something finally clicked! I was completely pulled into a book for the first time, connecting with these two ordinary siblings who decided to pull off running away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had such a mental movie as a reader and loved how the author was able to create an adventure using just her words! One of my favorite parts of the book was how the main character, Claudia, planned each detail of their escape:

by Phil McAndrew

“Claudia loved the city because it was elegant; it was important; and busy The best place in the world to hide. She studied maps and the Tourguide book of the American Automobile Association and reviewed every field trip her class had ever taken. She made a specialized geography course for herself. There were even some
pamphlets about the museum around the house, which she quietly researched. ”

After reading this book, I too wanted to write about my real and make-believe adventures. I wanted my readers to be completely hooked on my stories and to allow them to feel and experience what my characters would go through.

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