Writers in the Schools and The Menil Collection will present The Watchful Eye, a reading in response to the Torres-Garcia and Cattelan exhibitions, tonight at 7:00 PM in the museum foyer. The reading will feature both WITS students and University of Houston students from their undergraduate literary magazine Glass Mountain. Join us for a night of creative writing inspired by art, including the poem below.

The Boy on the Roof

Maybe he was flying
in a helicopter
or a plane
and he jumped down
by parachute.
Or maybe
he got lost in the attic
and found a trap door
going up
instead of down.

By Camille, 3rd grade

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  1. JKR

    This poem makes the mind start racing with all the possibilities of why the boy could have been sitting on the roof. Its simplicity is great and makes you start thinking of all the things you see and hear that you’ll never know the answer to and will always be a mystery. We’ll never know why or how the boy got onto the roof, but it’s fun imagining up crazy reasons and speculating!

  2. Patricia

    I’ll hold this poem every time I see the boy on the roof–and long after he is gone.

    I heard Camille read her work last night. It was a real treat to hear while sitting under the boy! Thank you for having this inspiring event. Houston has wonderful young writers.


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