Mi papá es como un tulipán

Mi papá es un hombre cariñoso.
Tiene mucha amistad con mi mamá
Y le tiene mucho amor y amistad a todos.
El nos quiere mucho.
El es como un tulipán
que nos da mucho cariño,
que nos da mucho amor
y mucha amistad.
El quiere mucho a mi mamá.
A veces le ayuda a lavar los trastes.
Mi papá es como un tulipán que tiene mucha amistad.


My Father is Like a Tulip

My father is a loving man.
He shows much kindness to my mother.
And he shows much kindness and love to all.
He loves us very much.
He is like a tulip
that shows us all kindness,
that shows us all love
and friendship.
He loves my mother very much.
Sometimes, he helps her wash the dishes.
My father is like a tulip, full of kindness.

By Paulina, 3rd grade

[Photo by Denis Collette via Flickr]

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  1. Ibn Aleem Abdul-Hakeem

    This poem in Laos translated in english
    reminds me of my sweet and
    beautiful daughter [Asia] Aasiyah. I miss and
    love you very much. This poem is for you.

    Love Always,
    your Father,


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