I went to the cemetery.
I went with my midnight blue-green bag.
In the bag, I had my notebook
and I sat down and started writing
a letter that meant so much to me.
Like a treasure, I buried it
so deep in the earth
no one would find it.
My dog Lila started to talk —
she was saying something about
the moon. Lila flew up
to the moon, and I went too.
It was dark blue
and we sat on the moon.
The moon was so big
it was changing colors
and it said my name.

By Mayra, 4th grade
[photo by candleshore via flickr]

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  1. JKR

    A wonderfully surreal and dream-like poem. I especially like the second half – flying up to the moon. There’s a very peaceful, serene quality to the poem. The way the poem is written, it seems a completely normal thing to do (to go and sit on the moon) and I like the way it’s written very matter-of-factly and simply. I love the last line ‘and it said my name’; there’s something very special and magical about the moon knowing your name. It’s like you and the moon have a quiet, unique bond – out of all the people on the earth, it’s YOUR name that the moon knows.


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