KPRC and WITS have teamed up to sponsor a poetry contest for Houston kids in grades K-5. Post your poem on the WITS Houston facebook page with the tag #MomPoem2014 or email it to [email protected] to enter. Complete guidelines are here. In case you’d like a prompt to get your poem going, here is one idea:

Moms teach us so many things, including the details of daily life and the big ideas that help us understand what’s important in the world.

Read This:

My Mom
My mom teaches me all kinds of stuff
like how to make fried chicken that
everyone in the world will gobble up
and how to iron pleats in a skirt(!) and
fold those weird sheets with no corners
and how to ignore the annoying haters.
She teaches me how to study for a test
and how to laugh at my “big” problems.
Thanks, Mom. You’re as good as all
the moms out there. Have a good day!
By Krenie’sha, 6th grade


Now Try This:

Make a list of at least five things your mother taught you to do. Write a poem to your Mom thanking her for teaching you those things.


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