KPRC and WITS have teamed up to sponsor a poetry contest for Houston kids in grades K-5. Post your poem on the WITS Houston facebook page with the tag #MomPoem2014 or email it to [email protected] to enter. Complete guidelines are here. And the deadline is April 23rd, 2014. In case you’d like a prompt to get your poem going, here is a good idea:

Close your eyes and remember your mother’s voice. In her talk with you, what refrains do you remember? Make a list of things she says to you often.

Read This:

Stuff Mom Says

Believe in yourself
Pick up your clothes
Hurry up!
How was your day?
Did you eat?
Quit texting
Are you listening to me?
Give me your phone
How was practice?
Do your homework first
Did you do your homework?
Are you listening to me?
It’s okay to be different
It’s going to work out

By Bianca, 8th grade

Now Try This:

Take your list and add any other remarks, questions, or phrases that you remember. Organize your favorites into a list poem that moves from the specific to the general.

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