The deadline for the student writing contest is Wednesday, April 23, 2014. KPRC and WITS have teamed up to sponsor a poetry contest for Houston kids in grades K-5. Post your poem on the WITS Houston facebook page with the tag #MomPoem2014 or email it to [email protected] to enter. Complete guidelines are here. In case you’d like a prompt to get your poem going, here is one more idea:

Make a list of some of your favorite things you love to do. Be specific. If your list says “I love to eat” go back and add a specific food you love, for example, “I love to eat ice cold watermelon.”

Read This:

In the Summer

I like to eat red, yellow, and orange peppers

and drink warm tea and juice.

I like to play with my friends

in the trees, on the trampoline,


I like to do bathtub swimming

and listen to books

and snuggle with my mama.

By Sabrina, 5 years old

Now Try This:

Make a poem using your list of things you love to do. Try to use all five senses in this poem. End your poem with something you like to do with your mom.

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