I love you
With a love
That isn’t love
Which is a
Different love
From the depth of
Love that
Is from me
The most
Soul ever
In the time
Of history

I love you
Like the sun
Loves to warm the
Plants I love
You so much
I would go to
The breadth
Of the universe

When you walk
Your body moves
To the music of
Love in my soul
I love you so
That I write until
I have no more hands

By Damien, 6th grade
[photo by farawla foshya via flickr]

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  1. Richard

    I love you so/that I write until/I have no more hands.

    Well, I’d have given a million to have come up with that! Has to be the best line I’ve read in weeks. It’s the whole poem, right there. Bravo!

  2. susan

    That I write until
    I have no more hands

    Wow! Your students could teach a few of us about imagery, metaphor, how to turn a phrase. The earnest here works.


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