dog_clipart_hunting.gifLast night I found out that my dog has a secret life. When we all went to bed, I saw my dog, Memory, get the car keys and drive off! When Memory came back, she had a big bag from Pappadeaux’s restaurant. She pulled out some hot bread, a seafood platter and a large Coke. She also had a bag from Funco Land full of video games.

I was shocked, but I kept quiet. I watched her jump into my dad’s chair and turn on the television. She turned on the Nintendo 64 and started to play NBC Basketball. But she wasn’t very good at it. It’s hard to play Nintendo games when you have paws instead of fingers. She turned the game off and watched the Cartoon channel. Finally, she fell asleep with the TV on.

I went into the garage to see if she had scratched my dad’s BMW when she was driving it. If she did, I was going to tell him I had nothing to do with it. But, thank goodness, the car wasn’t scratched. Relieved, but still shocked, I tried to get some sleep because I had school the next day.

When I got up in the morning, Memory was curled up in her basket asleep. To this day, Memory doesn’t know that I know she has a secret life. She doesn’t know that I know she can drive, speak, and have common sense. But her secret is safe with me.

by Alicia, 3rd grade

The writing prompt used is The Night I Followed the Dog by Nina Laden.

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