In the cold dark night where stars twinkle,
Beside the hot fires of a dragon,
Among the silvery glowing unicorns,
For the flower-filled valleys,
Across the melting planets of outer space,
Next to the strong grizzly bear,
Near the sly fox and the wise owl,
Under the cold waves where fish shine,
I melt under the hot sun,
I dazzle and glide in the cool breeze,
I dance through the damp rainforest,
I sleep under darting stars.

By Avery
[photo by sparkspill via flickr]

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  1. elizabeth chase

    do you now who’s the poet/author of the poem
    “Fishing For A Dream ” ?????????/
    pls. tell me if u know…..tnx

    • Robin Reagler

      There’s a book of poems with that title by Kate Kiesler. There’s also a song called that by Turin Brakes. Is either of those what you’re looking for?


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