Once I had an extra-terrestrial Chihuahua. One day, Chimmy-Chimmy-Feed-Me-Right-NOW, my alien Chihuahua, got lost! He was the hungriest thing in the whole universe (and I’m not kidding)!

Well anyway, I thought he’d starve, but fortunately, it was muddy outside so I could follow his tracks. Chimmy, short for Chimmy-Chimmy-Feed-Me-Right-NOW, had loopy tracks. I went on a walk (I’m 8, but don’t worry, I‘ve had another doggie) to look for loopy tracks. Easy, huh? Nope! He could have run anywhere.

So I put on my sweater and roamed the whole neighborhood. I was careful to cover every corner to look for Chimmy, that dear dog. When I was about to give up, I saw the blue-green extra-terrestrial dog whimpering in hunger. I took him home and fed him 1 million cups of dog chow.

by Sarah, 2nd grade

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